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Product Update

Terminal Blocks & Connectors

Modular Distribution Blocks with 10 Output connections and 35 Input Connection

The CXDB range of distribution blocks is an ideal choice for a simplified distribution system. A screw clamp of the block provides a connection point for the incoming cable. All the terminals are internally connected and provide multiple connection points for the outgoing wires. A Protective shield effectively shrouds the incoming connection.

4 Component carrier spring clamp terminal block

These blocks are used for measuring, control, regulatory circuits and for current transformer connection application. These blocks are component carrier base. Various pluggable component carriers can be installed easily. These component carriers have bulit in protection against incorrect polarity.

CPD1 & CPF component plugs are suitable for these terminal block.

2.5 Spring Clamp Feed Through compact Terminal Blocks

The Spring Clamp is operated by using a screw driver to provide an access to the wire through an opening in the spring clamp. The inserted wire gets clamped on to the current bar when the screw driver is removed.


2.5 sq. mm Micro spring clamp Terminal Blocks.

A perfect solution for extremely compact wiring applications, these terminal block are modular and can be stacked to form multi-pole terminal block assemblies.

2.5 feed Through Ground/Earth Spring Clamp Terminal Blocks

These Terminal Blocks have specially designed alloy feet which help in achieving very low contact resistance and vibration proof grounding with the DIN rails. They green/yellow colour coded as industry standards

Interface Modules

Common Cathode Diode Module

-Housed in V0 fire retardant grade mounting track.
-Ease of connection with the use of standard screw connection PCB Terminal Blocks.
-Available with individual, common anode and common cathode standard diode configurations.
-Lamp test configurations for DC and AC applications available as standard.
-Mounting options available: DIN Rail mounting & Panel mounting.

Professional Tools

Socket Wrench-NUT Driver

In order to have secure connections ,not only is it important to use good quality terminal blocks but also correct tools for securing these connections .Connectwell has range to ergonomically designed professional tools for all your wiring needs. The tri molded handles of these screwdrivers allow the users to exert 50% additional torque conventional screwdrivers.

Switch & Socket

CDINS16 : Din Rail Mounting Socket & Switch

Connectwell DIN Rail mounted socket and switches offer a unique possibility of mounting an Industrial Socket and Switch on a standard
DIN rail.

Sockets are available for various country standard plugs. These need to be wired and snapped inside the Din rail mounting frame as
shown in the assembly diagram below. This assembly then easily snaps on to a standard DIN rail.

SMPS Power Supplies

0.83A ,Single Phase Din Rail Mountable Step Type Switching Power Supplies

-Full Range Input selection from 90 to 264VAC
-Typical efficiency of 78%
-Compact design with a width of only 18mm
-Two years product warranty