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Push-In Terminal Blocks

Push-In Terminal Blocks


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Push-In Terminal Blocks have a specialized connection system that enables tool-less wire connection. Reliable, vibration resistant, gas-tight connections are made with an inbuilt high-quality stainless steel Push-In spring clamps. Lugged cable & solid wires can be directly pressed into the clamp to make connections.

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The Push button on the top is pressed for using a flexible cable without lug/ferrule for connection. These Terminal Blocks can be cross connected by using pluggable jumpers available in various pole configurations.

Cppushin Action

Push-In type Terminal Blocks provide maximum contact reliability, thereby eliminating reliability related issues while connecting multiple wires in a single Terminal Block.

Double level Terminal Blocks enables high-density wiring. Each level can be independently shorted to suit various applications.

Multi-connection Terminal Blocks are used for applications involving more than one, same, potential wire to be connected and are an ideal choice for control systems. Two Level plus ground and three level plus ground terminals facilitate single & three phase connections.

Sensors and Actuator Terminal Blocks are ideal for wiring machine control systems.

Marshaling Terminal Blocks facilitates extremely high-density wiring. It offers 32 connection points in a space-saving configuration for potential and signal distribution. It has Push-In technology for easy wiring connection. Standard test probes can be inserted to carry out various test protocols. Color coding provides an easy identification of the termination point to ensure error-free operation. Push-In connection technology facilitates extremely high-density wiring. This is an ideal choice for high-density marshaling cabinets.



-  Standardized jumpers for shorting are available
   invarious pole configurations.

-  2 independent rows enable the creation of
    multiple circuit combinations.

-  Step down jumpers facilitates shorting of different pitch terminals.

-  High-quality stainless steel Push-In springs
    provides a gas-tight connection.

-  A vibration-proof, anti-loosening wire connection.

-  Extremely compact with a terminal thickness as low as 3.5 mm.


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